Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Songs: A Retrospective

On Mondays, I have decided I will dedicate my posts to music.
What will I exactly talk about in these posts is still a mystery.

Since today is valentine's day, I decided to dedicate this musical post to love songs throughout this and the past century.

I will skim over these songs, but will probably go into greater detail with future posts about the individual bands, genres, and movements.

Let us begin with some early blues. The blues is the heart and soul for a lot of musical genres today. Robert Johnson is probably one of the most prominent names in the blues community.

A couple of decades later and you find yourself in the center of the rock n roll movement. Here you find your Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley (at his Rockabilly stage,) Little Richard, and here one of my favorites Ritchie Valens.

The next decade brought in music from everywhere. The British invasion just made a huge impact on American soil and music was going in all new directions.
I of course have to show a Beatles song to represent the 60s. Probably one of my favorite Beatles songs of all time:

I'm going to skip the 70s and great straight to the 80s. Here we see everything in music. People become obsessed with technology and music production and forget about what makes music music. I am not saying the 80s was a bad time for music, but I am stating it was a time that was bound to happen eventually.

For the 90s, I will say that love songs got a lot more cheesy. Is that even possible? From the boy band invasion to the rise of many new pop stars, we can all the agree the 90s was an odd time.

The 2000s was last decade and we saw an attempt at backtracking our roots. All genres of music expanded with the internet, the mp3 player, and increase in musical artists

This takes us to our current decade, the 2010s. A lot has happened since music has first been recorded, but some stuff stays the same. Take a listen to all the songs and you see that love songs never change. They are the best way to get your message across to that special someone.

I hope you liked my little retrospective of love songs that I did. I promise I will go in greater detail with further musical posts, but I do not want to bore anyone. I urge all of you to listen to the songs and tell me what you think.
What are your favorite love songs?

Cheesy I know, but all is fair in love and music.


  1. I love all of these songs! I was not aware of some of them before this but I am soo glad you posted this! I love the Beatles of course haha. Now I cannot wait for Mondays! thank you !

  2. cool post!
    i make music too

    check it out!

    i'm following

  3. Latest one barely even sounds current. I liked Wilco - She's a Jar the best. And the oldies weren't so bad either.

  4. you can't beat Robert Johnson, i like this blog, followed

  5. Some good rock love ballads here. Thanks for sharing them! Your blog seems like it will be pretty good!

  6. These are some great songs!

  7. I got out my guitar and did an acoustic, slowed down version of "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry for my gf. She laughed, but loved it. That's my crazy bitch... :)

  8. ritchie valens, great voice. thanks for sharing

  9. My fave is The Cure, Close to Me. Good stuff.

  10. i just realized that love songs havent changed wow

  11. Good choice of songs, some true classics in there.

  12. sweet dude totally agree with your opinion

  13. Some great songs here. I like Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison.

  14. Music like the beatles and rolling stones were born from Blues, such an important factor!

    Keep up the good posts

  15. Great songs, but try using break line q.q scrolling took ages

  16. Awesome songs, but this will only deepen the well of my loneliness ;_;