Friday, October 8, 2010

Open up your lovin' arms

October 8, 2010 and I am making another post on the same day!
What does this mean? It means I made two trades on the same day.
How could this be?
Well, I knew I was getting the alarm clock today, so I posted it on craigslist hoping to see if I could get any offers.
This morning, at around 9 AM, I got that offer.
A ceiling fan.
A southern gentleman named Raymond offered me this ceiling fan for the pink alarm clock.
Lets take a look:

I would say it's a pretty big upgrade,wouldn't you? 
As you can see, things are definitely getting interesting with the possibility of items I can now trade. 
I have no idea what my next trade will be, but I am sure I will receive plenty of interesting offers!
I shall press further into the unknown... of craigslist that is.


  1. I think the best bet is to move on to some electronic. or something people want.

  2. Agreed with Steak. Maybe get an old GBA or something like that next?